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Last updated: 05-09-2020

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How Scaling Affects Content Creation | Website Designs Content

Scaling content brings with it new ways to use the information you gather in your business, you may also be already doing a lot of this without even realizing it is content scaling. Ideas such as content repurposing, sharing and curating have been around for a while now. But, it’s not typically done with any real intent. Content scaling allows you to start thinking of your content strategy in new ways and this positively affects your content creation.

Once you start to scale content, it forces you to give a lot more thought and consideration to each piece of content you create, it also makes you plan ahead. With the additional planning and thought of the content, you will come up with more ideas because you will have stopped thinking of each piece of content as one thing and will instead for opportunities to use it in various ways.

This means that each piece of content you create for your blog becomes not just a blog post, but research for future pieces of content such as book chapters, an eCourse, a video or a podcast. In fact it could be all of them, if you think about it. Once you start to look at content differently you’ll be able to bring a lot more creativity to all of the content ideas that you have and that your team brainstorm.

By strategically rewriting, reformatting, and reusing the content that you have spent a lot of time, effort and money creating, you’ll actually get more return on your investment.

Consider this, if I was to provide you with 30-50 pieces of content each month, based on meeting the needs of your buyer personas within your sales funnel and the engagement we wish to achieve, and then each of these pieces of content are repurposed into other formats and each of these pieces of content is shared multiple times on social media (by you and your audience) and via your email newsletter. How much more return on investment will you generate off of each piece of content?

When you spend time repurposing your content into numerous different formats, and even languages if that is applicable, and then sharing it through social media, email marketing, and other means, you’re obviously going to get your message to more people than you did prior to content repurposing.

It follows that the more people who see your content, the more authority you will generate and this will translate into more leads and opportunities, this is especially true if you have a strong call to action and also utilize conversion optimization techniques. Strategic content creation, repurposing and sharing across multiple channels should form the basis of your overall marketing plan.

One of the ways in which you become the go to person in business is to become a thought leader. Scaled content allows you to become a thought leader by helping you maximize the most of the content you are creating, plus the content others have created through content curation.

By showing your audience your expertize by sharing your thoughts on other people’s content, and choosing the right content to share with your audience from other authors, you will become known as a thought leader within your community. This can boost your credibility exponentially among your audience members.

One of the best and easiest ways to make your competitors your allies is to start curating their content. Share their content with your audience, adding in your comments and thoughts. You can perhaps use as much as 50 percent of your content, as curated content but make sure you add in your own thoughts, link to and provide attribution to the original creators of the content. Don’t fall into the trap of using more than 50% of curated content, because you move from marketing to simply being a fan promoting others and your audience need to hear your thoughts, ideas and information.

Getting back on track, but using curated content, your competitors will see what you’ve done and they may feel the need to comment on what you have said, or bring you into a cross blog conversation that can bring you brand new traffic from their audience. In some cases it can turn your website or blog into a hub for information revolving around your niche, a one-stop shop for your audience to find the information they want.

Once you’ve created a piece of content in any format, you can multiply the message by reproducing it into new formats. You shouldn’t just copy and paste the information into a new format; you want instead to use the original content as research, and repurpose it into something new.

A blog post could become a PowerPoint, which in turn could become a slides share, Webinar or Video and so on and so on. Just use some creativity when repurposing content, you want to consider the audience, the tone and personality of the network your content will be pushed out to. Every new format has its own personality and challenges so take this on-board and ensure your content hit’s its mark.

Most people read content or use content only in their own language, if you want to reach other audiences in other languages, you can duplicate your content into new languages by having it translated into entirely new websites. This will attract the audience you want to promote your products and services to.

Don’t just use the same content in a different language, you need to be aware of cultural differences, and the different values and personalities of your audience. You will need to change more than just the words to make it work, however if this is your marketplace utilizing more languages can boost your marketing potential and your audience.

Affiliates, employees, sub-contractors, friends, associates…these people all need to feel as if they can share the work that you do without concern. Make it easy for them to share your content in their own words on their social media accounts, blogs, and among their contacts.

Push out content that can be edited by your affiliates, employees and sub-contractors to make it original yet still carry the message you want to get out. Teach them how to use the information to make the most of it.

After reading this article on scaling content and its effect on content creation, perhaps you would like to share your thoughts below.

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