Content Marketing in the New World

Last updated: 05-18-2020

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Content Marketing in the New World

Staying connected with colleagues, suppliers and customers, has never been more important. Acknowledging that traditional forms of communication are now strained or restricted, here are 10 ways that businesses can still maintain an online presence and share content effectively.

‘Recycling’ your existing videos and re-using blog content is a great, low-cost method of creating new and valuable assets. We can help you turn older footage into new messages, using graphics and voice-over if appropriate. Adapting existing footage also requires little or no requirement for new video capture.

Are you fully leveraging all of the social media platforms available to your business? It is estimated that social media has over 42 million users in the UK alone, so what are you waiting for? Whilst LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, are the mainstays for business communication, now could be the time to look towards trying new channels like Pinterest, TikTok and Instagram? Utilise existing or repurpose assets, making them appropriate in both style and duration for specific platforms.

Forward-thinking marketers are now turning to ‘Explainer Videos’ as means for communicating video messages. Explainer videos are short, powerful animations, used to tell your brand’s story, promote your product/ service or demonstrate a process. The scope of the animation can vary greatly – but most importantly, can be scaled to suit your budget.

Without a doubt the most labour-intensive form of animation – but often the most dynamic and impactful, when executed effectively. 3D animation is (usually) best suited to demonstrating a process or product benefits and with the ability to breakdown the walls of reality, will create that wow factor!

There’s a mountain of free and low-cost, high-quality stock video, graphics and photography available online. We can help you create a video presentation utilising this cost-effective media. Combined with music, graphics and voice-over if desired, these short videos are a great way of quickly developing assets that you can share with target audiences.

If you already have video content that meets your needs and you’re looking for an effective way of reaching new audiences, then explore the use of video marketing. We can support your team to develop a social media marketing campaign that targets niche audiences, on the right platform. Costs are still relatively low if deployed correctly.

If you are looking to start creating your own content, for external use – and you’re concerned about how the quality will be judged, then consider having a ‘logo sting’ professionally created. Using this at the start and end of your presentations will undoubtedly lift the overall quality and perception of your brand. As production times are usually minimal, production costs are comparatively low.

The process of ‘Screen-grabbing’ is an easy and cost-effective way of generating assets that are particularly useful as an explainer or ‘how-to’ animations. These are commonly used to illustrate software packages – but can also be used to demonstrate other applications and processes. Software like ‘Camtasia’ is a basic but useful application, however, if you want to improve the overall aesthetic, then ask your video agency about animating the slides and adding voice over and music.

Character animation used to only be available to brands with deep pockets – however, the cost is always reflected by duration and complexity – so don’t let that put you off. If your business or organisation has strong brand values, that could be translated through the use of characters, then this can be a really effective way of helping audiences imagine themselves engaging with your product or service. They also enable your brand to ‘have a little fun!’

Animation can be especially useful when communicating messages of a sensitive nature – or where filming objects or people might be difficult. The use of animation, illustrative or other, helps organisations effectively share information and express emotion where video might otherwise struggle.

10. Get Your Colleagues and Customers Involved…

We often overlook the idea of leaning on our colleagues and customers as contributors to our projects. Utilising the ideas, insight and research of others can add a new dimension and present new opportunities to develop content. Whether it’s market research, user-insights or product information, collaborating with others can refresh your content strategy.

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