Why You Are Wasting Your Time With Content Marketing

Last updated: 06-06-2020

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Why You Are Wasting Your Time With Content Marketing

Content is king — that remains to be true. However, just because content is king doesn’t mean you need to be devoting so much time to content marketing.

Don’t get me wrong: Content marketing is undeniably important. Content helps your audience engage with your brand, building knowledge and trust. Content brings in leads, improving sales conversions and your business’s bottom line. Plus, content is an incredibly important ranking factor, helping your webpages appear higher in related searches.

However, just because content marketing is vital for your business’s success doesn’t mean you need to be participating in it. Here are a few reasons why you, as a business leader, should be willing to delegate content marketing efforts tocontent marketing services.

More likely than not, your title isn’t “SEO specialist;” it is something with “manager,” “director” or “executive” in the title. As a business leader, you are tasked with managing the employees in your department, balancing budgets, devising strategies, communicating with clients and otherwise overseeing larger-scale projects. SEO is just one element of a broader digital marketing campaign, and if you are devoting your precious time and energy to menial tasks like building backlinks, researching keywords and creating content, you are neglecting other responsibilities that deserve a greater share of your attention.

It doesn’t matter whether you were editor of your high school’s literary journal or whether you wrote and directed short films in college — you aren’t a content creator. Content is an essential component of SEO; it is how search engines understand context for links, keywords and other ranking factors, and it is a way for your business to engage a larger online following.Content takes many forms, most often written blog posts but increasingly videos, podcasts, infographics, ebooks and other diverse media. Though it might sound harsh, you lack the skill necessary to produce any kind of content of high enough quality, so you should outsource to professional content creators.

SEO is a complex and ever-evolving field that requires a mixture of technical skill and artistic license. It takes years for SEOs to develop the right experience to effect change in search results — and you don’t have those years to spare. Even just learning the entry-level information about SEO can take weeks of study, and enacting SEO practices will take months of trial-and-error. Instead, you can leverage the expertise of true SEO experts and all but immediately see a change to your search ranking.

Business leaders rarely command small salaries — because business leaders have a large number of important responsibilities. If you assume the task of SEO management, you are saying that this relatively minor business marketing task is worth as much to your company as your other duties, which simply isn’t the case. SEO services are quite affordable and will waste muchless of your company budget than if you spent your time working on SEO.

Once you have SEO content, what do you do with it? Most business leaders would publish it on their company blogs or social media pages, but a better SEO strategy is to publish content on other websites, where you can gain backlinks that point search engines to your pages. However, obtaining a quality link on an authoritative site is difficult and often requires time-consuming relationship-building. It is much easier to leverage an existing content network — one maintained by professional SEO services.

You know your business inside and out — and in some ways, that is a serious weakness. The online audience you are striving to drive to your website probably doesn’t know much about your industry, let alone your brand or products. Because you already know so much, you might not be able to identify what information your audience needs and wants, which means your SEO strategy could suffer. Hiring a third-party SEO firm will give you that outsider’s perspective as well as ample research on search intent to guide your SEO to success.

You aren’t the only business leader to make the mistake of spending your time on SEO. SEO is undeniably important to the success of modern businesses, but it is much more effective when completed by SEO experts, not the average business executive. The sooner you outsource to a qualified SEO firm, the sooner you will see the SEO results you crave.

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