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14 Benefits of Social Media for Small Businesses

Last updated: 05/28/2020

Social Media empowers small businesses and opens opportunities formerly reserved for large corporations. It can feel overwhelming and scary, but do you ever hear of a small...

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Defining Behavioral Advertising: What Is It & What Are the Pros & Cons?

Last updated: 03/24/2020

For years, publishers and advertisers have taken advantage of user data to segment their audiences by demographics, geography, etc. — and therefore increase the relevance of...

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6 Powerful Video Marketing Tips for 2020 Gleaned from Our Latest Survey

Last updated: 02/29/2020

Video popularity is at an all-time high and this is a trend will continue to grow in the coming years. But how can you as a marketer stand out and make sure your audience is...

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Creating Content Assets for D2C Brands | The AdRoll Blog

Last updated: 12/29/2019

Since D2C brands directly communicate with their customers, creating quality content assets has never been more important. Content assets are ads, blog posts,videos, and other...

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How Snail Mail Can Boost Your Acquisition Marketing

Last updated: 11/03/2019

Tim Carr, the chief lifter atLIFT Agency, shares his insights on using direct mail in the digital age. For decades, direct mail was seen as a surefire way for brands to reach...

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Keeping brands safe in a programmatic world

Last updated: 10/28/2019

Recent revelations that major brands and political parties have inadvertently funded terrorism through their online advertising highlights just how easy it is for premium...

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