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Social Media Collaboration: Can It Help a Remote Team Stay Productive? - Social Media Explorer

Last updated: 11/06/2019

Remote work isn’t just for start-ups or roaming sales time. Over the past two years, the number of jobs on LinkedIn advertising flexible or remote work options jumped by 78...

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5 Business Fundamentals You Should Understand Before Launching a Startup

Last updated: 10/29/2019

No matter the nature of their businesses, allmust understand the economic basics that help keep their companies thriving. That's true for everyone, but probably especially true...

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5 Reasons Micro-Influencers Shouldn't Be Ignored

Last updated: 10/28/2019

5 Reasons Micro-Influencers Shouldn't Be Ignored Get better engagement and a more targeted audience while spending less on your marketing budget. Image credit: ...

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3 Big Reasons People Still Shop in Person (Instead of Just Buying Everything On Their Phones)

Last updated: 10/23/2019

I was in Boston with some of my best friends from college over the weekend. It was a fun trip. It also led to three experiences involving shopping: I went to the mall ahead of...

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Is your social media policy agile? - Marketing Land

Last updated: 10/17/2019

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4 Ways to Make Prices Seem Lower Than They Are

Last updated: 10/15/2019

As a marketer, I love testing things to see what will increase sales. The headlines, the copy, the imagery. But when it comes to a product’s pricing page, I use the same...

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Make These Changes to Your Social Media Bio and Get More Followers

Last updated: 10/13/2019

On social media, as in life, first impressions mean everything. Your social media bio can make or break your ability to grow your following. Social media marketing is an...

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The 3 Secrets to Success that Influencers Don't Tell You

Last updated: 10/12/2019

Around and under the centre of his universe were the bits and bric brac of a life collected. Books, a radio and just some tired essentials.  Some of these were the leftovers of...

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2 Funnels Are Necessary for Content Marketing

Last updated: 10/10/2019

Content Marketing Strategy / Understanding Your Audience 2 Funnels Are Necessary for Content Marketing At the initial meeting with a new client, I ask a simple question: What is...

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How Social Media is Impacting Public Relations

Last updated: 10/08/2019

It wasn’t that long ago that sending out information-rich news releases would stimulate organized, phased coverage of a new product release or an important event for your...

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